A Guide to Downloading Torrents Faster in 5 steps (with pictures)

Downloading Torrent files is not difficult, but slightly different from how you regularly download stuff from Internet using a web browser or a download manager. For Downloading Torrents Faster, you have to use a dynamic torrent client and look for torrent files that has maximum seeder-to-leecher ratio.

Let’s start with step-by-step guide for Downloading Torrents Faster.

Step 1: Get a fast torrent client


uTorrent is a light-weight yet capable torrent client. In my opinion, it’s the best software for Downloading Torrents Faster.

Go to uTorrent.com, download the setup file and install it the way you would install any other software on Windows.

Step 2: Search for the torrent file

Tip: You may have heard that downloading torrents is illegal. Well, downloading torrents is not illegal, downloading torrent files that are copyrighted is illegal. So, if you’re downloading some copyrighted movie, you should do it cautiously, because it can get you into trouble. The amount of damage it can do depends on how strict local laws against Internet piracy are. This Downloading Torrents Faster guide is informational, use it that way.


Go to Torrentz.com and in the search box, enter the name of the “stuff” that you want.


A list of files with that name would appear in front of you. Now left-click on the file that has maximum number of seeds (count in green).


You will be presented with a list of sites that have the torrent file you need, click on any one of the following. I generally use TheP|ratesBay.se, Vert0r, and KickAs$Torrents.

Step 3: Downloading the torrent file


Once the site has open, find the “Download torrent” or “Get this Torrent” link. Right-click on it and save file to your hard-disk.

Step 4: Starting the downloading


Double-click on the file that you have just downloaded and since you have installed uTorrent on your computer already, the file would be opened in uTorrent directly. You can also go to uTorrent and open file from there by navigating to where the torrent file on the hard-disk.

Hit download now and the downloading would start.

I have BitComet installed on my computer and not uTorrent.

Step 5: Monitoring the download


uTorrent is a feature-rich free torrent client and enables you to prioritize and manage downloads. It has in-built accelerator which automatically starts Downloading Torrents Faster.

Tip: For Downloading Torrents Faster, you should select the torrent file that has higher seeder-to-leecher ratio. Most free torrent clients have built-in accelerator but there are also paid torrent clients that offer cloaking, faster speeds and anonymous torrents downloading.

If any of the above steps in unclear or confusing, ask your doubts in the comments section below.

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