YouTube opens Profit generating Partner Program for Everyone in 20 countries


YouTube is the largest video broadcasting site on the web; every minute nearly 48 hours of videos are uploaded on it. Google makes a lot of money from YouTube by display advertising on other people’s videos via YouTube’s partner program. YouTube’s partner program has enabled video publishers to generate revenue from their videos by displaying Google Adsense on it.

Earlier YouTube’s partner program was limited to people who had a reputation of publish good videos but now Google has opened Partner Program for every video publisher in 20 eligible countries. If you have even a single video that complies with Google’s policies; you can instantly monetize it with ads from Google Adsense which would generate good revenue for you in the long run by display banner ads, text ads and in-video ads.

YouTube won’t provide all the partner features to newbie publishers. Features like custom thumbnails and banners would be unlocked after a publisher has gained reputation on YouTube.

YouTube has been a great platform for talented people to showcase their talent and by monetizing their content with YouTube’s partner program they can get something for entertaining people; it’s a good deal. There are hundreds of people worldwide who are not only earning money from YouTube but also creating a dedicated audience for their work.

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Tiffany Alvord is a good singer, not Rebecca Black!

If you have any sort of talent, I think this is the right time to take that video camera, shoot it and publish it on YouTube.

[via The Verge]

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