Yahoo drops seven services from its Online kitty


Taking inspiration from Google’s yearly clearing of unsuccessful products, Yahoo has decided to shut down seven of its services, most of which are apps for mobile phones. Yahoo! for BlackBerry is also included in the list.

The announcement was made on Friday, via a blog post on the company’s official blog. This initiative to remove failed products from Yahoo’s offerings may have been current CEO, Marissa Mayer’s, who is an ex-Google employee and knows how to get a company up and running.

In the investor conference that happened month, Mayer hinted that they could be bringing the number of mobile apps they have (roughly 60-75) to a more manageable number.

The official Yahoo! app for BlackBerry Smartphone would become non-functional after 1st of April, this year. Also, Yahoo! Avatars would be discontinued. Yahoo! says that if users wish to keep using Yahoo! Avatars, they must download the files and then re-upload to their Yahoo! profiles and other web services.

Other products that have been discontinued are as follows:-

  • Yahoo! App Search
  • Yahoo! Sports IQ
  • Yahoo! Clues
  • Yahoo! message boards website
  • Yahoo! API

Nobody really knows how Yahoo! plans to start stepping the ladder of success. Better alternatives to products that Yahoo! currently offers are available, therefore there is a tough road ahead for the California-based company.

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