Netflix teams up with TEDtalks to bring Inspiring TED Videos to its streaming service

ted-videos-streaming-netflixTEDTalks is one of the most inspiring projects in the world where people from different fields come together to share their ideas on variety of topics. Now, TEDTalks has teamed up with Netflix to bring all those awe-inspiring TED videos to residents of US, Canada, Latin America, UK and Ireland.

People in above mentioned countries, who have already signed-up for Netflix’s $7.99 instant-streaming service, would be able to watch several 2-hour long TED videos. Each TEDTalk is usually about 18 minutes long thus Netflix subscribers would be able watch 5-6 inspirational TED videos filled with ideas and insights in a single stream.

To simplify content, Netflix has divided TEDtalks videos into 14 categories including Space, Beauty, Sci-Fi etc. and several TED Videos with titles like Space Trek, Cyber Awe, Building Wonder and Video & Photo Mojo.

All the TED Videos are available in high-definition picture quality thus you just need to turn on your television, sit back on a couch and keep a notepad nearby for future reference.

[via Engadget]

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