Project J covers a lot of new phones, tabs & accessories, not just Galaxy S IV


In December of last year, a rumour popped up on the internet that suggested that Samsung is working on the Galaxy S IV and it is internally codenamed as ‘Project J’. But if we are to believe the rumours that have leaked recently, Project J could be a series of mobile phones and accessories, of which Samsung Galaxy S IV (rumoured as ‘Altius’) is a big part.

From last two years, Samsung has been lazy in designing their Smartphones. They come up with one unique design and the rest are just duplicates of it. In 2012, they made a mockery out of Samsung Galaxy S III design, where almost all devices that followed viz. G Note II, G S III Mini, G S Duos sported the exact same design.

Supposedly, Samsung is also working on ‘Project J Mini’ and ‘Project J Active’. The former i.e. Project J Mini could deal with building Smartphones with small screen sizes (like G S III Mini). Not much is known about Project J Active though; it could be a series of Sports friendly phones or something related with music – who knows?

A Wireless Charging Pad by Samsung recently hit FCC for validation, which hints that Samsung’s going the Nokia way and would be providing Qi-charging in its next-gen Smartphones. Most probably, G S IV, G Note III (if something like that exists in Samsung’s docs) and upcoming Note tablet would have Qi-support.

Are you excited about Samsung’s upcoming phones and tablets?

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