Huawei rumored to build Windows 8 phones and tablets


Huawei hasn’t released a Smartphone running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system yet; Last year, Huawei indicated that they are interested in making such a product but they didn’t come forward to tell the world more about their plans. Now, according to the latest rumors, Huawei is actually working on building Windows 8 “Apollo” powered Smartphones and tablets with a special force of about 70 engineers.

There’s a fat chance that this news is more than just a rumor; Huawei, reportedly has a team in United States which is coordinating this project with Microsoft. Along with Windows 8 Smartphones, you might see a pack of 4G LTE powered tablets from the barracks of Huawei, running Apollo.

As of now, we don’t know anything about the appearance and specs of these phones but since Huawei would be targeting the high-end Smartphone category, expect to see a 4+ inch display, 8+ megapixel camera and 1.5+ GHz dual core processor in the Smartphone.

As for Windows 8, it is confirmed that Microsoft is going to release it sooner or later for the mobile platform but right now the company hasn’t indicated anything about it, no features, no release date, no compatible hardware, no tie-ups, nothing. I guess there’s quite some time for the Smartphone market to see Huawei’s perfect WP device; it’s kind of funny though, by the time they would finish the WP phone, Samsung and Apple would have released the “much-hyped” sequels to their Galaxy and iPhone line-up.

Personally, I am a big fan of Microsoft, I believe their tech is world-class; I just hope Microsoft gets a great app store with loads of quality apps. It’s quite hurting when amateur techies say, “Microsoft’s Lumia series is sh*t; not worth spending money on.”

[via The Verge]

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