Rumor: HTC One X coming to T-Mobile with stock Ice Cream Sandwich

htc-one-x-android-ice-cream-sandwich-smartphoneAccording to Android and Me, it is rumored that HTC One X, which was announced just a few days ago, would release in United States with T-Mobile and would run on stock version of Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and not the custom one with HTC Sense UI.

Not too long ago, HTC revealed that they are going to release ICS update for their HTC lineup with custom HTC Sense UI but the thing is if they are releasing HTC Sense UI for HTC lineup, why they can’t release the same for HTC One X.

It is possible that T-mobile might brand this Super-phone under its “G” series but since HTC One X doesn’t need T-mobile’s 4G connectivity you would be able to enjoy 4-core awesomeness on this device.

Last year, Sprint gained a lot of new customers by offering Apple iPhone 4S (with Siri) and unlimited usage plans and this year, it is time for T-Mobile to attract hundreds of new customers because HTC One X is really an amazing Android Smartphone.

So, would you consider switching your data carrier to enjoy quad-core, Android v4.0 ICS awesome that HTC One X features? Leave a comment below with your views.

[via Phandroid]

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