Opera releases v12 Beta of its Web Browser with Improved Reading functionality


Beta version of Opera 12, code-named “Wahoo” has been released; if you are one of the 250 million users Opera claims to serve then I think you should upgrade to this new version, it’s quite stable, fast and comes with several new features like custom themes, iReader like reading tool and a few photo-sharing options.

The new reading functionality would enable you to view web pages like a book with optimized fonts and colors. Opera 12’s photo-sharing options would allow you to click pictures of yourself directly from your computer’s web-cam which Opera would upload on sites like Photo Booth and Polaroid. Also, Opera has worked on browser stability in this new version, so if a plugin crashes, it won’t terminate the whole web browser.

“There are so many new things to try,” said Haakon Wium Lie, CTO, Opera Software. “The paged media project has the potential to change the way browsers handle content, and camera support shows just how web applications can compete with native apps.”

Lie calls Opera 12 a “a platform to build upon” because of the features that the company is offering to the developers. If you’re a developer, I think you should start working on creating a few useful apps for this web browser, it’s possible that your work might get featured on Opera’s home page; 250 million people praising your work is some motivation, right?.

Test drive the new version by following the link below.

[Download Opera 12 Beta Web Browser]

[via The Next Web]

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