Nokia announces Music+ service: HQ Music streaming on Lumia at half rate


It’s unfair but true: Nokia has lost a substantial amount of Smartphone market to Apple and Android. There are not too many people who would like to move to Windows Phone from iOS or Android, maybe because of lack of “large collection” of apps and customizations.

Nokia definitely wants to jump back in, and the new Lumia devices prove that they are adamant on building phones that people would love to use. Nokia is also working on creating exclusive services for Lumia and by that I mean the latest Nokia Music Store plus (Nokia Music+).

Nokia Music Store has been around for years and for all of Nokia mobile phones. Last year, in September, Nokia announced a free, ad-free and feature-rich Music streaming service called Nokia Music. Nokia Music Store currently has a collection of over 20 million songs and more are added to it every day.

The free service is good for most but if you’re an audiophile, you’d love to move to Nokia Music+. This would obviously come to you at a charge but the pricing is just unbelievable.

For $3.99/€3.99 (depends on the region where you reside), you will get to stream high quality music online, do unlimited skips in radio mode, lyrics mode, and a desktop app which automatically syncs your favorite music from your Lumia Smartphone to your desktop computer and vice-versa. Now, there are many third-party premium music services available, but Nokia is offering their service at half rate.

The best feature, in my opinion, of Nokia Music Store plus service is offline play, which means you can download music and play it locally, whenever you want. It’s awesome, isn’t it? You can now download and enjoy your favorite music, legally.

Right now, Nokia hasn’t revealed the regions which would get Nokia Music+; United States and major parts of UK would definitely be on the list. Let’s just hope Nokia extends this service to India as well.

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