Nexus 7 can now be bought Officially in India


Nexus 7 has received great response from around the world — simply because it’s from Google and is priced far below than the competition. In India, people love deals where they get great value for money, maybe that’s the reason why imported Nexus 7 is selling great on sites like eBay and

Soon after releasing Books and Movies in Indian Play Store, Google has put up 16 GB version of its low-cost Android tablet for sale at a price of Rs. 15,999 (roughly $300). You can pay for the tablet in Indian rupees and the device would be shipped to you — starting 5th of April.

No information about warranty is provided on the website. Since Google is selling the product officially, at least 1-year warranty should be bundled with the tablet.

For Rs. 15,999, Nexus 7 is slightly over-priced considering Samsung recently slashed the price of Galaxy Tab 2.0, but it’s got quad-core processor and a 720p display screen — no tablet in this price range sports such hardware specifications. All in all, Nexus 7 is a good, value-for-money tablet.

This is a start, I hope Google decides to sell more of Nexus products (Nexus 4) in India.

Anyways, follow the link below if you want to order Nexus 7 from Google Play Store.

Buy Nexus 7 tablet from Play Store

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