Mozilla planning to create a browser based OS for Tabs and Phones like Chrome OS

Browser-based Operating Systems for Tablet PCs and Smartphones

Early this year, Google came up with their web based operating system – Chrome OS which can now be found running on Samsung Chromebook and now it seems that the guys behind Mozilla Firefox are also interested to release their Firefox OS (the name is not official).


I don’t understand why developers are focusing on browser based operating system. Although, Google has several business and fun apps in their Chrome Store but still if somebody doesn’t want to go for the paid operating system they can easily install Ubuntu (it has everything that you would need in a computer, even a couple of games) or other Linux Versions on their computer.

On the Official Mozilla wiki page, some of the senior devs at Mozilla said that they are planning to create “complete, standalone operating system for the open web” running HTML5 apps. The OS is codenamed as “Boot to Gecko,” and would be designed keeping in mind the needs of future Tablet PCs and Smartphones.

Well, Mozilla is not planning to create their browser-based OS from scratch but use Android drivers and kernel to boot the device (Android like Firefox is Open Source, so there won’t be any copyright issues). Senior devs at Google Groups discussion thread said that they would choose Android over Linux since most Tablet PC manufacturers are creating devices for Android (that sounds pretty interesting).

The project is in the primitive stage therefore nothing can be said about the features that developers are planning to put into Mozilla Firefox OS or whatever. I don’t support the idea of switching from an integrated operating system like Windows 7 to a browser based OS like Chrome OS or Firefox OS but it would be interesting to check out that stuff, or use it a couple of times in emergency.

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Source: Engadget

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