Just 10 days remain to grab Windows 8 Pro for 40 bucks


In a recent press release, Microsoft has announced that they are putting an end to all Windows 8 promotional offers. This means that if you are thinking to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, do it before 1st of February or else you’d have to pay a premium to get the Metro UI.  Windows 8 Pro upgrade from Vista, XP and 7, which costs $40 right now, would rise to $200.

As of now, Microsoft has sold 40 million Pro copies of Windows 8, so this move could be a part of Microsoft’s marketing strategy. Not many people are thinking to upgrade, especially after reading mediocre reviews of the new operating system.

After Feb ’13, Windows 8 Pro would cost $200, Windows 8 Basic would cost $120 and the media center pack, which is available for Free to all Pro users, would be priced $10.

Analysts claim that the 40 million figure is much less than what Microsoft expected from its new multi-dimensional operating system.

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