HBO rolls out two new on-the-go Movie apps for Android Smartphones


HBO has released two on-the-go entertainment apps for your Android Smartphone – HBO Go and Max Go. You would be able to stream unlimited premium movies and TV shows from both these channels as long as you have a cable subscription to these channels.

With these apps installed on your device, you’d have a wide selection of movies and TV shows to stream while travelling. HBO Go offers about 1400 shows and a wide range of movies while Max Go app has a database of about 400 movies.

HBO has been expanding its services to as many platforms as possible; they released a similar app for Xbox console recently; the same app for iOS platform got more than 3 million downloads within two months and now the company wants to bring the same quality of entertainment content to your Android phones.

Both these apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Free, hit the links below to download these apps.

[ Download HBO Go, Max Go]

[source Electronista]

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