Google announces the death date of Google Buzz; brings focus to G+

Before Google has launched Google+ it had Google Buzz which somewhat sported the tag of “Google’s Social Network.” It was not at all in the leagues of Facebook and Twitter and it seems that Google has, finally realized this fact because they have decided to shut this service down and bring complete focus of their design and functionality team to Google+ which is gaining momentum among netizens.

google buzz

[credit The Telegraph]

Google Buzz along with its API integration would be taken down in a couple of weeks. Google has axed some of its other services as well including Jaiku – a social networking service that was acquired by Google in 2007, Code Search service which is destined to die on 15th of January and a few social features on iGoogle. Not only that, Google has also decided to put an end to its Google Labs sometimes in the mid, next year.

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