Apple Sold out 2 mln song of ‘The Beatles’ on iTunes

The Beatles sold high 2 million copies on Apple iTunes

Ah… the beginning of this week marked resurrection of the giants by the giant in multimedia entertainment, yes, I am talking about the rock band – ‘The Beatles‘ and Apple that put up their Album Bundle for sale on iTunes.

The high point of the event in undoubtedly the popularity of The Beatles all over the world, especially in United Kingdom to which these guys belonged. The music copied sold as high as 2 million and the count is rising steadily till date.


Although it was a historical event, Robin Goad, research director of Hitwise UK came up with interesting facts of the origination of traffic that contributed directly to Apple’s pockets.

Overview of Apple’s Traffic Generation

Although it is hotly debated topic whether search engines or social media provides better results but this time the battle was won by Social Media in which Facebook and Twitter were placed in sweet top spots.

With more than a million fans/followers on Twitter and Facebook each, getting 2 million people to buy would not have been such a difficult job. The Beatles is a brand name in itself, put them on stone and it would turn Gold and would be price too high for a stone. LOL Like all other Apple products.

Social Media or Search Engines – The War Continues


Hmm… considered the data collected by Goad, visitors increase a fantastic 384% this week and the credit goes, without a doubt to The Beatles with most of the traffic to Apple coming from United Kingdom – The place from where the rock band rose up.

Around 26% of the traffic on Nov 16 came from Social Networks which was higher than 16% that came on previous week.

1 in 200 Facebook Visitor got redirected to on the within that period whereas when it came to search engines’ efficiency, only 1.24% of people who searched for the term The Beatles on iTunes got redirected to whereas fully 35% found their hits going to Wikipedia.

The Results are certainly more in favor of Social Media, i think Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization in coming time would be rated far higher than SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

What do you think… which powers your tech blog… Search Engines or Social Media… mine is powered by Search Engines. Do share your feeling with a growing number of GizJets Readers… at the moments we have 700 Readers/day so… your comments makes a difference.

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