Amplify launches $300 Education tablet for Schools


Many entrepreneurs around the globe believe that the traditional education system is not capable of doing what it’s meant to. Maybe that’s the reason why can see a lot of education related startups in the world. They claim to give students a better learning experience by making the learning experience more vivid — hence more enjoyable. One such company is ‘Amplify‘.

Amplify, which is the education arm of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, has launched a new tablet for school. The tablet would be based on the Android platform and would avail Amplify’s “blended learning” program to all students.

In India, educational tablets, especially low-cost educational tablets became popular when HRD minister — Kapil Sibal — joined hands with UK-based company DataWind to launch Aakash — the $35 Android tablet.

Unlike Aakash, an Amplify tablet would cost $300 for the Wi-Fi only version and a $50 extra for the 4G model. The company would also charge $100 for two-year subscription to its educational content.

Apart from providing educational content, Amplify brings engaging blog posts of scientists and visionary from the across the globe which creates a better image of learning students’ minds. The idea is to shift students’ learning methodology from rote to engage.

The big question here is whether most schools would have sources to fund this project. Amplify believes that schools can use Educational grants to buy these tablets.

Could integrating tech with education lead to better learning? Maybe. But can most schools afford it at the moment? I don’t think so.

[via The Verge]

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