Amazon maybe prepping the Second-gen Kindle Fire for a July release


While the world awaits Google’s cheap 7-inch Nexus tablet; some rumors regarding the next-gen Kindle Fire tablet have started to make the rounds. According to a credible CNET source, Amazon maybe working on another 7-inch 1280 by 800 pixel $199 tablet which would be slammed with improved set of hardware specs including a rear camera and volume rockers — though onboard memory and processor speed remains unclear. As of now, we don’t know anything else about the Kindle Fire 2; if we believe the rumors, Amazon might announce the tablet sometimes in July.

Anyways, what features would you like to see in the second-gen Kindle Fire tablet? If rumored features of Nexus 7 tablet are correct then trust me, original Kindle Fire would stand nowhere in front of it. Amazon would be compelled to come up with something better without touching the price tag.

[source CNET]

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