3 Quirky ways to capture Screens on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and want to take a screenshot, there’s no need to install any third-party apps. Following are 3 easy methods to Take Screenshot on Galaxy Note 2.

#1 Usual Home + Power Button

This is a standard way of taking screenshots in touchscreen phones. iOS and Android, both operating system have this functionality. To take a screenshot, just press home and power on/off button simultaneously. That’s it! Sweet and Simple.

#2 Using the Creative S-Pen

S-Pen is the fancy name that Samsung has given to its stylus. But S-Pen is not like other stylus, it comes with several advanced features and one of them is ability to take screenshot by clicking the advanced button on the S-Pen. Just long press that button and take it to the display screen of your Smartphone. Press it against the screen and the screenshot will appear in front you. You can then edit it as you wish.

#3 With Motion Gesture

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 supports Motion Gestures which means it can track motion of your face, palm, eyes and fingers. In order to Take Screenshot on Galaxy Note 2 using Motion Gesture, you’d first have to enable Hand Motions from settings.

Go to Settings >> Motion >> Hand Motions >> Palm Swipe to Capture

Now swipe your hand from right to left on the display screen and the screenshot would be taken.

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