Another Cheap Android, this time from Haier Tab on the way

Haier intros a Cheap Android Tablet

HaiPad - Cheap Android Tablet from Haier

HaiPad - Cheap Android Tablet from Haier

Last week, Haier, a Chinese electronics manufacturer introduced their premier Android Tablet PC named HaiPad. Like Premium Android Tabs like Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Acer Iconia Tab (have a look at them [here]), Haier’s Tablet PC has a customized theme for Android developed by guys at DianXin OS. I am a bit skeptical whether this new user interface would come even close to the ones developed for the premium Tablets listed above.

Haier plans to bring their HaiPad into the market by August. The specs of HaiPad are pretty usual, you can find these specs on any Android Tab these days which includes 7″ touchscreen, 1GHz Samsung CPU, W-CDMA 3G, two cameras – one on the back for photography and other in front for video chat, Android v2.2 Froyo (read more about that [here]).

One advancement due to the new user interface is that you would be able to drag a set of similar apps together in order to make a folder of it. This feature was present only in iOS devices but you would be able to access it on Haier’s HaiPad.

The brand has no plans currently to upgrade to the latest version of Android, neither Honeycomb nor Gingerbread and Ice Cream is on the way too. According to Haier, this tablet PC is aimed at targeting audience who want to use a Tablet for browsing through their social networks or watching movies, the ones who buy a tablet to play games won’t benefit from it.

Another big disadvantage in buying this tablet PC from Haier is that you won’t be able to access about 250,000 apps from Android Market because it doesn’t support apps from Android Market but has their own application store for the Tablet which includes a few apps from Android Market.

By the way if you are interested in buying this Tablet PC and are worried about the price of it then there is no need because it won’t cost much. It would be somewhere around $150 to $250 just like Archos 70 Tablet PC (read more about it [here]).

I think the company is trying to target a large group of people who want a cheap Android tablet just for the sake of getting some entertainment and having a look at their social networking, it is not a bad tablet PC if you belong to that group of people.

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