DXG-5F9V: 2D & 3D Camcorder with 1080p Full HD “glasses-free” video capture

If you are searching for a camcorder for this holiday season then you would love to consider the new DXG-5F9V. It is a nice looking, somewhat heavy, camcorder that can take still 2D & 3D pictures with its 5-megapixel camera and record 1080p Full HD 2D & 3D videos at 30fps.


Like Nintendo 3DS and all the latest 3D gadgets, you can enjoy 3D pictures and videos without glasses on DXG-5F9V. It has a 3.2 LCD capacitive display and the content can be streamed on Full HD 3D TV using the HDMI cable that comes bundled with the package.

There is a slight mistake from the company in the retail package, the device comes with 128MB internal memory without any expansion card. So, if you want to use this gadget for recording lengthy videos, you would have to buy a 32GB or 64GB SD flash card from Amazon.

DXG-5F9V looks a stunner and knowing what it is capable of doing, the whole thing – whether it becomes a hit in the market would depend on other things like build quality, camera quality, customer support etc.

This 3D camcorder can purchased from DXG’s online store at a price of $299 (this is unbelievable!). I was checking out some of Sony’s camcorders recently and most of the “nice ones” are price above Rs. 23,000 ($461.28).

Isn’t DXG-5F9V one of the coolest gadgets to buy this holiday season?

[via Engadget]

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