Relive Your Past, Our Past! on PC with Strategy Computer Games

Best Strategy Computer Games for PC like Age of Empires

Strategy Games have been one on my favorite Computer Games; in fact the first game I ever played on a Computer was Age of Empires.

Actually (don’t tell my dad) the reason why I got home a PC was because I wanted to play Age of Empires 2 PC Strategy Game on it.

So… for the sake of my love for Strategy Games I am sharing with you a list of Games that I found very interesting, all these are pc Strategy Games and would work fine on a regular Computer.

These video Games are some great alternative to Age of Empire Computer Game.

Best Strategy Games for PC

Rise of Nations from Microsoft

rise-of-nationsRise of Nations from Microsoft is a very interactive Strategy pc game a bit like Age of Empires and it is a real fun to see your city travel from medieval age to modern age.

It is quite different from Age of Empires in the working, it lets you pass from one age to another by advancing in four areas science and technology, commerce, military etc. which are somewhat like we have personally evolved over the ages, if you have studied history.

Rise of Nations Strategy Game is very interesting and those military units are just fascinating.

Empire: Total War from Sega

empire-total-warDo you like Computer Strategy Games like Age of Empires?

I know you do because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have read the above written question.

Empire: Total War is an interesting, innovative and creative war Strategy Games. This series from SEGA also has its brother game termed Napoleon: Total War that deals with the story of Bonaparte Napoleon’s failed attempt to rule to world.

The weapons, artillery and machinery used in this game are absolutely mind-blowing and I am saying from the bottom of my heart. I am not having a good graphic card installed but this Strategy Computer game like Age of Empires for PC has marvelous graphics.

Warcraft III from Blizzard Entertainment

warcraft-iiiThis game is around four years old and when you would play it you would not feel the difference much.

Although its graphics is quite lame but still its storyline, characters, civilization and weapons are just outstanding and that is what makes it a great Strategy Computer game like Age of Empires for PC.

I am in love with the Demon Hunter, a character from the Elf civilization. This Strategy Computer Game lets you select one civilization as yours and you can compete with others for resources and the one which stays the last wins.

Like regular Strategy Computer Games, you can have allies and also play Warcraft III multiplayer with your friends; it is one of best Games like Age of Empires for PC.

The Settlers 7… Path to a Kingdom from Ubisoft

settlers-7The Settles 7 is a nice Strategy Computer game where you are the controller of a city, small city or a village you may call it because it is based on medieval civilization.

As the name suggests, it is based on the building on kingdoms set in the early renaissance period of Europe. You can enjoy creating new kingdoms with different campaigns and skirmish levels.

On the whole, it is a game that lets you learn a lot about European civilizations and the time when there were kings ruling the country and people had a few occupations like hunters, gatherers, smelters, sculptors etc.

It is a great Strategy Computer game like Age of Empires for PC.

Anno 1404… Venice from Ubisoft

Anno-1404I remember my history teacher once saying that I hope someone create movies about chapters in history such that kids can learn about them in a fun manner.

These resources are not movies but Strategy Computer Games like Age of Empires for PC but they are good so it might be a good alternative to movies.

Coming to Anno 1404… Venice, it is a Computer Strategy game that lets you become an explorer like Christopher Columbus, you are the controller on an island and the people who live there.

With this game you can live a dream to build cities in Venice and the music and graphics does a lot more than entertain, it take you to another a world, a world where you don’t belong but a world that has been create from scratch just for you.

Anno1404 is another Strategy Computer game similar to Age of Empires for PC that you can try.

Enjoy these Strategy Games for PC  they are so close to my heart that this blog post might sound biased to nth degree.

Where to Buy These Strategy Computer Games?

Well you can buy these games from the website I have listed above directly or you can buy these from an alternate source.

If you want to buy them right now and enjoy them on PC then I would like to recommend a website to you… Wow! You know it! Well you must be sure of its quality as well.

These computer strategy games can bought directly from and will delivered to you as soon as you as for it.

Do you share the same passion that I do? I mean love for Strategy Computer Games? Well which Computer Games are your favorite, it doesn’t matter if they are not like Age of Empires or belong to Strategy Category.

Please share your thoughts with GizJets using the comment form below and also your friends using the social bookmarking icons.

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9 Responses to “Relive Your Past, Our Past! on PC with Strategy Computer Games”

  1. Stef
    March 23, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    Your forgot Civilization IV, it’s really a great game!

  2. R
    June 7, 2011 at 3:56 am #

    My Dad and brother loved Age of Empires… Father’s Day is coming up and I wanted to get him a game similar to it.
    Thank you for your 5 suggestions. I will check them out.
    Age of Empires is a great game and I hope to find something similar to it. This is super geeky, especially coming from someone so cool, butttt Diablo is a pretty good game too. Stupid Blizzard hurry up with the 3rd one, Jeez. ew I just said that.

    • Rakesh Narang
      June 7, 2011 at 9:51 am #

      hehe, Diablo is a nice game but Age of Empires 2 can’t be compared with anything, it is so much fun. One game that comes close to it in terms of strategy making etc. is World of Warcraft, i love it!

  3. Ahmed
    October 31, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    age of empire series is definitely one of the best strategy game so far i played,i esp. love age of mythology & age of empire 2 out of this series.

  4. Empire wiz
    March 30, 2012 at 6:16 am #

    So what about castle empire. That is the top game on and it looks really similar but dono if it is quite what i am looking for? Know anything about it?

  5. imranpalash
    July 25, 2012 at 7:09 am #

    stronghold crusader is a great game. it is same as age of empires, but the whole game is one age, and can’t upgrade anything.

    • Rakesh Narang
      July 25, 2012 at 10:29 am #

      Yeah, It Looks Similar To The Rts Games That I Like.

  6. Sandip
    December 1, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    i like all, but you miss Age of Mythology

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