Leading Pioneers of the Cloud Gaming Industry unite to build NVIDIA GRID

nvidia grid cloud gaming platform

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Six of the biggest pioneers in the cloud gaming industry have decided to join hands with NVIDIA to develop a more sophisticated cloud gaming network, called NVIDIA GRID. The cloud gaming platform would use multi-GPU servers and NVIDIA’s patented VGXGPU-sharing technology to provide smooth and seamlessly interactive experience of a high-end Gaming computer anywhere and on any platform.

As of now, gaming on mobile platforms like tablets and Smartphones is limited to casual games. There are a few high-definition games, but that number is next to nothing when we compare it with HQ games available for consoles.

The six companies who have decided to put their resources in building NVIDIA GRID are: Agawi (United States), Cloud Union (China), Cyber Cloud Technologies (China), G-cluster Global (Japan), Playcast Media Systems (Israel), and Ubitus (Taiwan).

With up to 36 times HD-quality game streams, NVIDIA would be demoing its GRID cloud gaming platform on LG Smart TVs at @CES_2013 and that too in Full HD 1080p resolution. The honor of being the first high-res cloud powered game would go to “Assassin’s Creed III” by Ubisoft.

This is undoubtedly a huge step in the mobile gaming industry. People buy console games because they love being stunned by awesome visuals of console games and once such quality games is introduced and Smartphones and tablets, it would be a real treat for Gamers.

Bae-Geun Kang of LG calls it Neflix for Games and I agree with him. Like Netflix, NVIDIA GRID would provide on the go entertainment for users. But there’s a catch, you would need a really high-speed internet connection to be able to enjoy this service. Even though the new servers are up to 36 times faster, the amount of data that would be transferred during the cloud Gaming would be too much for a regular 3G network. So, if you live in a country like India, where 4G is limited, you won’t be able to enjoy what your friends in States would.

As of now, official dates of Smart TV demo @CES_2013 are kept a secret.

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