Most Hilarious, Exciting and Anticipated Android Games for 2011

Most Anticipated Android Games for 2011

The future of Android Games is not in hands of Google or the cell phone manufacturers but in the hands of video game developers. Although year 2010 was big success for Android Games – Angry Birds being the most successful of them all but still Android would need many Video Game developers to create some good titles for Android.

Most Game developers today are not focusing single-mindedly on 1 platform alone, they are aiming to create games for multiple platforms like Symbian, iOS4, WP7 and of course… Android!

I am not too sure why Game Developers are following this strategy but the closest I could think is that they are trying to spread their single title to all the cell phone consumers.

Ah! Now that I have discussed what is going to be the scene with Android Video Games in 2011, let’s discuss some of the major titles that may make an entry at Android Market.

Most Anticipated Android Games for 2011

Untitled Hexage Game

If you wanted to live into the future and have robots as your servants then this game’s storyline is somehow going to satisfy your expectations. The Untitled Hexage game is one of the most anticipated android games for 2011 because of several reasons.

For one, it is from the developers of successful android games like Everlands and EVAC and it would be containing high graphics gameplay, lasers, robot armies etc. sort of like Star Wars besides there might not be any alien in the storyline.

David Peroutka, Hexage said, “It will look mindless, but there will be an underlying layer of strategy to it.

Infinity Blade


Infinity Blade has been developed keeping in mind the graphics need of Android Gamers. It is rich in high-end graphics; its iPhone version was a big hit which is a reason why the developers have decided to launch it for android too.

Infinity Blade’s sublime gesture movement controller makes the gameplay a lot better than tabbed touchscreen navigation. On the whole it is one of those games which you can play casually.

This is one of the most anticipated android games of 2011 for one more reason i.e. it would be releasing with Samsung Galaxy S 2 and other mobile phones that run on NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor which means that graphic display and processing of game would be a lot better.

Plants Vs. Zombies


Undoubtedly, after Angry Birds… Plants Vs. Zombies was my favorite game on iPhone. The whole game is somewhat similar to basic tower defense games, although in this game there are no towers but plants and monsters have been replaced by Zombies… which are somewhat M O N S T E R S… aren’t they?

The strategic gameplay and awesome graphics makes it one of the most anticipated android games for 2011.

It’s obvious to get lost in this game therefore take necessary precautions… LOL

N.O.V.A. 2


N.O.V.A 2 was basically designed for Apple iPhone and one of the reasons was that it required high-end graphics, at that point of time most android phone neither had a dual-core processor nor a dedicated graphic card so it was sort of impossible for GameLoft to release N.O.V.A. 2 but the picture is completely different now.

Most android mobile phones today are loaded with features. Big 4.3-inch touchscreen, dual-core processors, 512MB RAM, dedicated graphics card and what not!

So… it is obvious that now GameLoft can develop one variant of N.O.V.A. 2 for Android phones and hence it has made its way to the most anticipated android games for 2011.

Zenonia 3


Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story – This is the title of the newest game from the creators for Zenonia 1 and Zenonia 2. If you like Action Role Playing Games (RPGs) then this is possible your favorite pick from the list of most anticipated android games for 2011 which I have listed above.

It can’t be declared right now whether Zenonia 3 would have a carried forward storyline or a completely new one but the developers have promised android gamers about graphics and faster gameplay.

The original Zenonia was launched for Android… it then switched to iPhone and it is possible that they revert back to Android or both the operating systems this year.

What are your views about the most anticipated android games for 2011 that has been mentioned in this blog post?

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