Epic Games’ ultra successful game for iPhone, Infinity Blade, is now Free


iPhone gamers, this is a great time to pay for additional bandwidth because Epic Games’ epic Infinity Blade has gone Free for this week on App Store.

The game was released back in October of 2010 with a price tag of $5.99; since then it has grossed Epic Games a revenue of roughly $20 million.

Infinity Blade has been built using Unreal 3 engine and because of that it has some really amazing graphics for a mobile phone game. Since Infinity Blade was such a big hit, Epic Games released two new games under the same name – Infinity Blade II & Infinity Blade Dungeons.

The game would be on sale next week, but since it’s Free now, I think you shouldn’t procrastinate on at least adding this game to your iTunes account. Also, share this piece of new with your friends that have any of the iOS devices, because they would also like to play Infinity Blade.

Download Infinity Blade

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