Five Free Games to Buy Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

Free Apple iPod Touch Games, Free Video Games

Do you know why people love Apple iPod Touch? Yeah! It is from Apple but there is one more reason. Guess, Guess, it is the same reason why people love Windows Phone 7 and Sony PSP.

Yeah! You got it – Video Games. Apple iPod Touch has a hall of video game fame to flaunt. The game developers are so accustomed to develop games for iPod Touch that there are more than 5 free iPod Touch Games added to Apple catalog every single day.

I don’t need to talk about the quality of product; everyone knows that it is one of the best music player gadgets in the world.

There are many HD video games launched for iPhone 4 and iPod touch which you can download but for that you need to purchase them first. I think when you have free games to kill time why take the other route, that is why I made this post about 5 free iPod Touch Games.

Here is my list of best 5 free iPod touch games.

#1 of Free iPod Touch Games – Tap Tap Revenge 2

This game is really for those who love music and like to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. In its simplest genre, it is similar to Guitar Hero. The music plays with a lot of rhythm and you have to tap correctly in order to make the tempo rise.


It is freakishly addictive and a lot of fun to play. It has more than 40 songs to its inventory so Tap Tap Revenge 2 is your cool free time pass. This is a free ipod touch and iPhone game.

#2 of Free iPod Touch Games – iBowl

If you have played a bowling game before you might wonder about the difference between normal bowling games and iBowl, but fortunately iBowl is a touch compatible game and hence you don’t have to choose speed, direction and spin using a single button.


Better the options, more the fun, the game is fast paced so you won’t get bored. Background music is so damn brilliant and the best part is that you don’t need proper footwear to beat your friends.

#3 of Free iPod Touch Games – Cannon Challenge

Have you played angry birds from Rovio Entertainment, a paid game for iPod touch? Cannon Challenge is based on similar theme; you are provided cannon similar to those used in war. You are the controller of the cannon and you prime objective is to destroy all the enemies trying to attack your country.


Although, the refilling and stuff looks quite sluggish and the game is time-consuming but if you like to see destruction and enjoy the expo of power. This is the game for you.

It is available on Apple Store, do play it in the game, but not anywhere else. World Peace.

#4 of Free iPod Touch Games – PacMan Lite

A game that can be called the father of entertainment, that has ruled our Nintendo NES for years and the one which is so fondly played around globe is now a part of Apple Store Gaming Inventory.


If you like playing Pacman, one of the oldest entertainers in the video game arena, you know where you can go to download this to your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Although Pacman is a very simple game, there is no rocket science in it but still completing each of its rounds is a challenge in itself. You got to be a real skillful person if you want to go through the complete game.

#5 of free iPod Touch Games – Brain Toot Free

It is a game to test your brain power in 4 different regions – Memory, Visual, Thinking and Math Skills. Think you are the geekiest, the brainiest person in the world, prove it. You can play all the games to know the status of your brain power.


Almost all iPod Touch Games have an online community, it can be of Facebook or Twitter or in the Apple Forum. Just post your scores there to see, where you rank.

This was my list of best iPod Touch games that are available for download at Apple Store for free, I won’t mind to see your list below in the comments section too. Please share with GizJets and your friends.

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