5 Awesome PC Games to Buy this Season

5 Amazing PC Games that you can cherish this Season

It’s raining here in my state and I can’t go outside to play with my friends but till the time I have my computer with me I won’t have any problem in passing my time. I am addicted to PC Games and my previous blog posts are a proof of that. Till the time Age of Empires doesn’t go online, I would have to stick with the PC version.

Are you interested in buying some PC Games in this season?

I have seen the popularity of PC Games decline after the advancements in console gaming, I know playing high definition video games on Xbox 360, PS3 etc. is loads of fun but PC games aren’t dead. Thank Goodness.

So, today I am compiling a list of the best video games that you can buy and play this season. Relish the PC Games, even if you own a gaming console.Smile

Portal 2 (Freak Score: 9.9/10 )

Portal 2

Portal 2

Portal 2 is an action single player shooter game developed by Valve Software which has carried forward the successful formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music from Original Portal to this sequel.

Portal 2 has fabulous new characters, puzzles and much larger base of test chambers.

It features a never-seen-before areas Aperture Science Labs where they can reunite with GLaDOS, the murderous computer companion that served as a guide in version 1 of the game.

You would love to give your brain a boost while solving these time-bound interesting puzzles.

Read more about this sci-fi strategy video game by visiting the official website of Portal 2 by clicking on [this] link.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Freak Score: 9.8/10)

The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings

The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is serious strategy game where the decisions you make determines your destiny. The Witcher 2 is game for mature players who want some serious strategy going into the game, it has 4 different beginnings and 16 different endings which suggests that you would have to play the game with a rational approach.

Witchers, your character are humans who have been trained from a very young age to fight monsters, during this training, they have developed not only physically but also genetically. As you go on in the game you would come across situation in which you would have to make some decisions.

These decisions would affect your relations with other characters and entire communities and may ultimately affect the destinations of Northern Kingdoms. With some awesome graphics and intuitive gameplay you are going to love playing this video game.

Read more about this strategy video game by visiting the official website of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings by clicking on [this] link.

Dragon Age: Origins (Freak Score: 9.8/10)

Dragon Age - Origins

Dragon Age - Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best single player role playing games in the world of video games. It is developed by BioWare’s Edmonton studio and is published under Electronic Arts.

What makes this game interesting are the variety of characters that you can choose to play, there are 3 races from which you choose you character in order to stop the tide of death and destruction viz. humans, dwarfs and elves, these characters have several classes like warrior, the rouge and the mage with their unique talents.

You can carry up to 3 players from different classes in your squad. Like other role playing games, this one also has a fantastic storyline filled with mysterious items, spells and points to collect, the graphics are just fine but the gameplay, the fight sequels etc. makes the game very engaging.

If you are not fed up of playing role playing games, you should definitely try Dragon Age: Origins, the storyline might interest you.

Read more about this strategy video game by visiting the official website of Dragon Age: Origins by clicking on [this] link.

I have listed a few interesting strategy video games above but now its time to have a look at some of the best casual games that you can play on your PC this season.

NBA 2K11 (Freak Score: 9.4/10)

NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 is the 10th sequel of this game from EA Sports. I am a huge fan of Basketball and have been playing the 7th version of this game for about one and a half years now. The best thing about this sports game is the fun, if you have played basketball in your life then you are definitely going to have a great time playing this game on your PC.

NBA 2K11 is built upon Michael Jordan’s life story, there are several sections of the game that lets your play the most interesting game of Michael Jordan. You can also draft this legend in your team by using “MJ: Create a legend” option.

NBA has earlier collaborated with Kevin Garnett (`09) and Kobe Bryant (2K10) games. The visuals of NBA 2K11 is just mesmerizing, the dunk shots, alley oops, lay-up shots all look brilliant. The gameplay has improved controls which lets you play the game in much a much smoother way.

My favorite NBA team is LA Lakers and my favorite player is Dirk Nowitzki. What about you?

Read more about this sports video game by visiting the official website of NBA 2K11 by clicking on [this] link.

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Freak Score: 9.4/10)

Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box

Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box

I know you love racing cars at high speeds but unless you are multi billionaire you won’t be able to lay your hands on the fastest, most amazing automobiles in the world. I am sorry for saying that but if you want to experience the thrill of driving the most amazing cars in the world then go for Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box which would give you a racing experience of your lifetime.

From beaches to downtowns, you would have access to over 30 kilometers of racing areas, you can drive your card anytime you want, anywhere you want and especially at any fuck*ng speed.

Just pick up the best car from your garage which are by the way customizable and jump into some of the most interesting racing event in the game viz. the classic Race, Road Rage and Burning Route, and the all-new Stunt Run and Marked Man.

With EasyDrive Friends List you can easily connect with your friends online and play hundreds of online FreeBurn Challenges together or jump into a head-to-head competitions on user created race routes.

These racing game have been in my favorites list since the day I played Need for Speed 2. What about you?

Read more about this racing video game by visiting the official website of Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box by clicking on [this] link.

So, here you have a list of the best 5 video games that you can play on your PC and have fun this season. A special thank to Test Freaks who helped me compile this interesting list of video game, thanks a lot!

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