Miguel Nicolelis unveils How a Monkey can Mentally control a Robotic arm


Do you what’s the best thing about being a technology writer? It’s getting blown away by technologies that are far beyond imagination.

For a major portion of his life, Miguel Nicolelis has been decoding brain signals, so as to use them to control robots. After years of trial and error, he has reached the point where he can get a Monkey to control a robotic arm that’s located 7,000 away.

Don’t believe it? Neither did I.

Shockingly, in the talk he delivered at TEDMED event, Nicolelis revealed that he can extract brain signals from the monkey, decode it, convert it into electrical signals and then send them half way around the world — 20 ms faster than that the time it takes the signal to travel from the monkey’s brain to his muscles.

Nicolelis and his team plans to use this tech to enable people suffering from paralysis control prosthetic exoskeletons directly from their brain. We have seen this sort of technology is movies like RoboCop — in the future we might see and experience it with our own eyes.

If you want to learn more about Nicolelis’ research and his plans, watch the complete TED talk below.

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