Kinect Hacks Presents 3D Modelling in Space via Microsoft Kinect

3D Modelling in Space using Microsoft Kinect Controller


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Kinect Hacks is a group that creates several developments for Microsoft Kinect, the motion controller gaming console, most of which are non-practical but a new add-on to Microsoft Kinect developed by Sebastian Pirch at 3rD-EYE, a media product company seems possible and very interesting.

What is it all about?

Well did you ever wondered whether we would be able to create 3D model, 3D model not like those made in AUTO-CAD but real ones, spatial representation of what we want, that is exactly what this new Kinect Hack is all about.

This free-space 3D modeling tool developed by Sebastian enables a person to create three-dimensional models of almost anything geometrical figure using the Microsoft Kinect Camera.

Adruino Powered Gloves: What are they?

Basically these Adruino Powered Gloves are meant to make your hands recognizable by the Kinect Camera and whatever you do with the sensitive points of those Adruino Powered Gloves’ Finger Tips would create your 3D Model.

One can create points and then drag that to make a line to another point by pressing two fingers and then dragging.

Basically you can create 3D models, 3D representation of things, not much use of such a technology at the moment as most 3D works are done using Auto-CAD but maybe… in future.

On to our readers…

What do you think about this sort of technology where you can actually create free-space 3D models?

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