Top 5 iPhone Apps for Science Geeks Plus 2 More

Top 5 Science Applications for iPhone Users

Apple Store is full of numerous applications that are meant to better your Apple iPhone and life.

As you might now, I am a scientist at heart and that is the reason why I came up with an idea to compile the best Science Applications that have been made for Apple iPhone.


Science is fun and it breaks the barriers of cultures, regions, religions etc. around the globe. Are you are a scientist? Well, not professionally but do you like to understand ‘How Stuff Works’?

Then you would definitely love these science applications available on Apple Store for Apple iPhone.

Best Science Applications for Apple iPhone

Star Map ($11.99):

If you have a baby astronomer living inside you this application would help you feed the young little scientist within.

It is a simply iPhone application that create three-dimensional planetarium.

Makers of this app call it “Portable Planetarium”. This Science application is perfect for casual star-gazer.

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards ($39.99):

Ah… Anatomy! Well it is quite a tough subject, I have heard my friends screaming, “I don’t understand human physiology properly” but with science application for apple iPhone users you can learn what my friends couldn’t.

Chemical Elements (Free):

This iPhone application lets you view atomic number, atomic mass and oxidation state of the entire elements when in portrait mode whereas when you put into landscape mode it shows a full touch enabled periodic tablet.

A must have science application for students.


This iPhone application is more for a gardener than a botanist. Well if you are a keen gardener this science application would attract you heavily.

It enables you to discover the different plants that surround your garden, you can tag your plants with dates too and your iPhone would recognize it.

Atom in Box ($9.99):

Physics is fun and this iPhone application increases it. If you haven’t understood the chapter atoms and nuclei then you can download this science application and see a visual display of hydrogen atom and all its components (electrons, protons and nucleus).

It is a fun application for science geeks.

NASA Image of the day (Free):

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is working day and night to study space and they want to share their world with you through this iPhone application.

This science application shows image of the day captured by several equipments at NASA. Well it is the right when citizens start giving respect to science, do your bit.

iCrude (Free):

Crude Oil is limited and its reserves are getting consumed in our work and wars. Well this science application reveals our present situation. You can download this iPhone application and keep a watch on the when the Earth would stand still.

A Question for ‘You’: What are your views about science and the world around you? Did you like this list of top 5 science application available on Apple iPhone?

Please share your thoughts with GizJets using the comment form below and also your friends using the social bookmarking icons.

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  1. Web Video-Audio Conferencing
    February 10, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Every application sounds useful but Crude Oil is more important and useful for me as I ride my Harley wherever I go whether it’s short or long rides. So I need to be updated on fuel factors.

    I’ll try the free applications first :)

    Thanks for sharing

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