The Best Video Bloggers to Follow on

Best YouTube Bloggers to Follow and Have Fun

YouTube is the place for video blogger. The count of people making interesting videos in the world have raised to thousands and almost all of them post their videos on YouTube that is the reason why i got to know some of them because YouTube is truly the most popular video sharing website.

I have watched their videos and I truly like them, I hope you enjoy them too.

Here we go!

Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike)

charlier-mcdonnellCharlie McDonnell is a 20-year-old British Video Blogger who is a professional musician and casual video blogger on YouTube.

His video blogs are funny and his music exquisite. Charlie is quite talented, he has a nice voice and wonderful sense of humor. He was the first video blogger that i followed on internet. Actually his music attracted me, most of his songs are unique and some how related to teenage life.

You are going to enjoy his video blogs, no doubt in that.

My favorite blog on his YouTube Channel is his song “Duet with Myself“.

I hope you liked Charlie and would also like the video blogger that is coming up…

Next up is…

Michael Aranda (michaelaranda)

michael-arandaMichael Aranda is an American video blogger, aged 25, he is one of the most impressive video blogger i have seen till date. I mean he is witty but also mature in his videos.

His videos are not half-baked but very well-edited and totally surprising. He loved to blog about his life and his adventures. He was recently seen blogging with Charlie McDonnell, yes the same guy i have mentioned about earlier in this post.

His videos are fun to watch, they are prepared with hard work and excellence can be seen from works of Michael Aranda. He is one of the best Video Bloggers out there. His content is unique and you will enjoy it.

Have fun in diving into the life of Michael Aranda. My favorite video of Michael is not on his YouTube channel but on Charlie’s i.e. “How to Speak English“.

Anyhow if you want to see a professional video blogger, an excellent video blogger, Michael Aranda is the person you might want to see.

I hope you like Michael but prepare to laugh your tummy out because next up is one of the best comic bloggers on the web. Yeah! I am talking about…

Wheezy Waiter (wheezywaiter)

wheezy-waiterWheezy Waiter is a 30 year American Blogger who has made his YouTube Channel the most interesting place to be on web. His video blogs are full of humor.

He has these characters in all his videos that are different in attitudes and have different opinions on the issues but are played by the same guy — him which makes his videos very interesting and innovative.

All his creations are a masterpiece, although he sometimes goes loony in his content but I like him and I am you won’t be disappointed by his videos.

There is no particular video that I like on his YouTube Channel because all of his videos are very nice.

Anyhow the next blogger I am going to reveal to you is…

Alex (keeptheheat)

alex-keep-the-heatKeep The Heat is operated by Alex who is a 19-year-old blogger from America. I don’t know why but he liked creating good parodies of popular songs of which most of them are requested by his followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook.

He writes new lyrics and creating interesting videos out of them. His voice ain’t no good but his presence of mind and his confidence in making video blogs on some of my favorite songs is what made me like him.

Anyhow… you can watch the parodies of some of the popular songs on his channel and enjoy.

His videos are fun and a great past time.

I enjoy all these video bloggers’ videos when i have time to kill. They are the video kings of YouTube. Do you blog on YouTube or have any personal favorites, i don’t mind listening to you too, if you are good you can get placed in this like of Best YouTube Video Bloggers.

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