Cotton Candy Android Gadget: A Small Dual-Core Computer that resembles USB Pendrive

Nobody knows what future holds in store for us. With the advancement in Science & Technology, people have started to think differently and that has created a lot of Technologies and Gadgets which were, at one point of time, unrealistic. What would say if I told that some company has created a USB dongle which is not really a Dongle for accessing web or Wi-Fi but World’s Smallest Computer – Cotton Candy Android Gadget?


It sounds a bit strange but it is true. A Norwegian-based Company FXI Technologies has managed to create a prototype Gadget codenamed Cotton Candy which is World’s Smallest Dual-Core Computer.

Cotton Candy Android Gadget Features:-

When you first see it, it looks nothing more than a USB drive. It is really small, just 8cm x 2.5cm in dimensions and weighs a mere 21 grams but is loaded with a USB 2.0 port, HDMI-out port, and a microSD card slot for storing data. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz Samsung Exynos ARM Dual-Core Processor (the same which is used in Samsung Galaxy S2) and offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity options.

Cotton Candy Android Gadget currently runs Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system but can support Ubuntu. It can also work like a Virtualization Client for Windows, Linux and Mac.

After I got to know about this, a though struck my head, “How am I going to work with this Gadget?” and the answer to that came almost instantly as well. Since this Gadget support Bluetooth, I can pair it up with a Wireless Mouse & Keyboard. I think this would work.

I am not sure what FXI may offer with Cotton Candy Android Gadget for, let’s typing. Since Cotton Candy is an innovative gadget, it is possible that they may bundle a innovative, multi-purpose tool with this like Apple offers Wireless keyboard with iPad.

You can connect Cotton Candy Android Gadget with any Gadget that has a display screen and a USB port. Or you can use the HDMI-out port to connect it with your HD TV and stream 1080p videos from the internet.

FXI technologies haven’t confirmed a final release date and an exact price for Cotton Candy Android Gadget but they think it shall not cost over $200.

Are you interesting in buying this innovative Gadget?

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[FXI Technologies via Gizmodo]

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