A Few Amazing Widget you should get for your Droid

The Best Widgets from Android Market for your Android Devices

There is a reason why Smartphone is called “Smart” which is its customizability. There are loads of widgets that can be arranged on your Smartphone’s homescreen which would bring every update you need on your phone’s homescreen be it updates from your social networks, feeds from your favorite blogs and websites, latest conversion rates, stock updates etc.

Here’s a list of the best widgets that you can install on your Android phone to make completely customized.

1) Battery Widget (download for FREE)

Battery life of Smartphone is quite fragile, since most Smartphones can multitask, the chances that your battery is going to die earlier than you expect it to is quite possible because when you multitask you consume a lot of power from the battery.


The battery icon on the top of your phone is not a very good indicator of how much battery is left, Battery Widget is a regular app but it gives you a detailed list of all the apps that are consuming the battery so that you can turn the ones which are consuming a lot of energy from your battery.

2) AudioManager (download for PRO version)

AudioManager is quite useful widget to keep on your Android’s homescreen. It let’s you adjust the volume of your phone, apps and other services alarm, music, alerts, ringer, system and voice call volumes from one interface, you don’t need to open each option separately and change their setting manually.


With AudioManager Pro version, you can skin this app and set custom scheduler to save preset audio profiles. It’s quite useful.

3) Power Control (download Free, €1.49 for regular version)

Just like Battery Widget, Power Control gives you ample options to configure the apps which you want to stay running in the background and consume your battery power. If you often find yourself on low battery, you can use Power Control to toggle WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth on/off which apparently consumes hell lot of power.


This one has far advanced options that Battery Widget, you can easily lock the device orientation, sync your phone online and even adjust the brightness of your phone’s screen within this single app.

If you don’t want to be connected to Internet always, or are not using data plans, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. you can turn them off by going to your phone’s homescreen and clicking on the Power Control icon.

4) Evernote (download for FREE)

Well, like me you must also have a lot in your “to do” list but how do you manage that stuff on paper? Well Evernote is a cool app that lets you jot down all your “to dos,” notes, upcoming events, numbers, phrases etc. quickly on your Android Device.


You may be using the pre-installed note taking app on Android but this one is much more faster than that. Evernote is a great app for anyone who forgets to do their assigned work. I think this application is a must have for everyone (what you think about that?).

5) Calendar (pre-installed)

Calendar is a pre-installed app in all Android phones, it is a great tool to manage your work load by assigning parts of it to particular dates. It can sync itself with your Facebook account such hat you never forget your friend’s birthday or miss out on an important event.


Well, the fullscreen mode in this Calendar Android app is hilarious also you can go to each date and manually add notes, events and alarms. It is a great app to increase your productivity and thus makes it to the list of 5 must have Android widgets on your phone’s homescreen.

Are you using the above mentioned widget on your homescreen? If you have any other inevitable widget that you are using on your Android homescreen, please let me know.

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Source: Android Authority

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